Explore Helsinki: Adventure, culture and relaxation in Finland!

June 24, 2020

Explore Helsinki: Adventure, culture and relaxation in Finland!

Let's talk about Helsinki, the largest educational, political, cultural, research and financial center in Northern Europe!

Full of life, culture and adventure, Helsinki is located next to the Baltic Sea in the Uusimaa region, on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, with a coastline that stretches for about 100 kilometers that houses 300 islands in front of it.

As you already know, Helsinki is the capital Finland and also one of its largest and most interesting cities in this country to visit at any time or season. And it is sure that you have heard it before, Helsinki inspires locals and tourists every year thanks to its magnificent architecture, design, gastronomy and amazing customs. In fact, the city was chosen in 2012 as the Design Capital of the World, a title for which it is internationally recognized. You will see it, its streets, buildings and shops simply give it away as the great creative city that it is.

Helsinki is a city that is home to countless monuments of interest, attractive neighborhoods, squares, restaurants and more, very easy to visit. This city invites you to go sightseeing on foot thanks to its excellent public transport system and iconic trams.

There will be a tourist site such as the Seurasaari house museum (to the north in Meilahti) or the Sibelius monument, which you will have to travel by car or ferry, but these options are still phenomenal.

Explore Helsinki - Finland

Locals in Finland, and especially its capital city, are characterized by being inveterate lovers of nature. So it will not be strange that you observe a lot how they have fused architecture and nature in their buildings, from their chapels to their restaurants and hotels. In fact, they use the most natural means, for example, glass, metal and wood (since around 75% of the city is forest) as a form of livelihood for buildings, and integrate them in a very creative and ingenious way in their day to day, inspired by its iconic landscapes and lakes. It's part of the happy lifestyle they lead! You'll see, even modern design and art in Helsinki (and across the country in general) is inspired by nature.

Visiting Helsinki will be an experience for the hospitality and kindness you will receive wherever you go. The locals in town are very friendly and chatty, even if you suddenly hear that most of them speak to you in Finnish, Swedish or English.

Don't be fooled by the cold, the atmosphere in Helsinki is warm and close because its people and culture make it so. Visiting this city is an experience that will remain in your memory for the rest of your life. Without a doubt, the best way to connect with Finnish culture is to start your adventure in this great city. We invite you to be part of this "must" visit and start your journey with us right here. Read on and find out more about the experience of exploring Helsinki, Finland!

Explore Helsinki - Finland

Set foot in this city is synonymous with enjoying splendid days, and especially full of activity, even if you traveled in winter and you are moving looking for a ray of sunshine in the streets! But do not worry. As we have mentioned, it is a city that despite being quite cold is great to visit in any season of the year. And it is that winter they light underground pipes that condition the streets preventing them from freezing. Ingenious, right? In addition, Finns love Saunas and it will not be unusual for you to get one or several in every corner as you stroll, even inside a museum or library.

Another advantage is that Helsinki is a very bright and extremely pleasant city for walks. There is much to explore and see: among shops of renowned design brands, modernist buildings, monuments, museums, chapels, restaurants and beautiful neighborhoods in the unique Finnish style.

This city has been classified as one of the Nordic capitals that arouses the greatest interest in terms of art and architecture, especially for the creative use of wood that we mentioned a moment ago. In addition, its clear landscapes include long nights during the summer, also illuminated with the warmth of a city that reflects a unique light by itself, full of life, but very quiet at the same time, especially indicated if you are looking for that moment of relax that we need so much. Dare to discover more about everything you can discover in this great artistic city!

Explore Helsinki - Finland


Finland is one of the countries with the freshest and cleanest air in the world. Of course, with thousands of kilometers of space it was not for less, so prepare to feel the purity of the environment since you get off the plane at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

Traveling to Helsinki is normally very easy from Spain. Normally, you get daily director flights, although the option of following a Baltic Sea cruise passing through Helsinki also comes in handy. There is also the option to get to Helsinki from Sweden or Estonia by Ferry. You will decide what possible option suits you best!

From the airport you can take a bus or train to the city and you will be there in half an hour a little less, and on the way you will be amazed by the wooded and rural landscapes in its surroundings.

Remember that the locals may speak to you in Finnish, but also in Swedish (which they use as a second language), so many public signs will be indicated in both languages. Many also speak English, but very little Spanish, so you must be prepared so that the language barrier is not a problem when you make your trip.

When you arrive in the city you will realize that mobilization by public transport is one of your best options to get to know the city really closely, and that is because Helsinki is characterized by its trams, which you will see everywhere. Getting on them is a big part of the experience.

Helsinki is a very diverse city, and it is even an ideal place for sports, especially during the summer and autumn, such as playing golf, running, cycling, fishing, camping, hiking. At the end of August and September you will see spectacular autumn colors that the Finns call “Ruska”, the perfect time to stroll and enjoy the outdoors. Starting in November, winter arrives and with it the perfect opportunity to practice downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, sledding and ice skating.

Explore Helsinki - Finland


Helsinki is an incredible location for all tastes, but the truth is that specifically this city in Finland is very calm. You naturally let yourself be carried away by the walks offered by following your tourist guide.

As we mentioned earlier, public transportation (bus, tram, metro) in Helsinki works very well, although perhaps if you need to take the ferry or a rental car to get to some of the best and most recommended spots tourist that you will find here.

There are simple tickets that you can buy per day in kiosks or digital machines to move around the city. You can also opt for regional tickets that allow you to move to other locations in Finland such as Vantaa, Kaunianen or Espoo. You can even buy your own Helsinki City Card or the card Helsinki Card Region, to mobilize in public transport as much as you want for a single price, and also get discounts at restaurants, saunas, and concerts, and even free passes to museums.

Discover the most essential places to visit in Helsinki:


Continuing straight on the famous Esplandi Avenue, one of the best known and busiest in the city, you find the Design District of Helsinki, in the old Helsinki. In this neighborhood you will find countless shops where design reigns, from the best brands of clothing, porcelain, furniture, glassware ... the most prestigious in all of Finland. Some of the most iconic are Alvar Alto, Arabia, Littala, Marimekko and Artek.

It is also a culinary tasting area and amazing desserts. One of the most recommended places is to visit the terrace of the famous Hotel Torni, or stop by the recommended Moko café.


Although it is a bit far from the city center, the Seurasaaren ulkomuseOr it is a visit that you will not regret, located on the island that bears the same name. This is an open-air museum built in 1909, which truly reflects what the ancient country was like for the Finns in Helsinki. This island-museum is also known as the “Miniature Rural Finland”, for capturing traditional life so well with its natural surroundings, farms and cabins.


About 5 minutes by bus from Seurasaaren ulkomuseor you findel Sibelius-monumentti, It is also a place worth visiting, even if it means getting away from the city center a bit. You find it in the Sibelius Park, named after Jean Sibelius (1865), which has become a national symbol for Finns.

The monument to Sibelius (work of the sculptor Eila Hiltunen, 1967) is a huge structure formed by 600 steel tubes that form a magnificent sculpture of 24 tons, created in honor of the Finnish composer, who started the modern musical school in the country.

The Sibelius Park is extremely pleasant, especially if you enjoy something to eat or drink in one of its cafes or restaurants facing the sea. In addition, you can take advantage of taking a walk out of the ordinary on Seurasaari Island, or take a bike route.


You will not regret being part of the boat trip to the fortification of Suomenlinna, located on an island in the southern part of the city. Was built in 1748 and declared Heritage at Unesco. The ride will take you through green and fortified landscapes, giant canyons, various museums and the Vesikko, an old Finnish submarine.

The fortress was originally intended to defend the Kingdom of Sweden, but it was taken by different armies throughout history. Currently it is a space for history, recreation and outdoor leisure. It is a visit that will take at least 3 hours, but it is very complete and very interesting in every way.


Helsinki Market Square is one of the main locations to visit in the city, located right on the shores of the Baltic Sea in the city center. Ferries and cruises that run through the Helsinki canals depart from the plaza or take you to nearby islands such as Suomenlinna. Large ships also depart for Stockholm (Sweden) or Saint Petersburg (Russia).

The Market Square is full of kiosks and souvenir stalls and delicious fresh food. You can also get sausages and all kinds of products made from elk meat, famous in Finland. The Market Square is more crowded between spring and autumn, in high season.


The city council is located in the Market Square, so all you have to do is turn around to see him. There you find fixed and temporary educational exhibitions open to the public. It is an excellent place to learn more about the history of this great city.


The Dormition Cathedral (Uspenskin katedraali) is the Helsinki Orthodox Church (the largest in all of Western Europe) and you find it less than 10 minutes from the Market Square.

You will easily recognize it for its golden domes and for the multiple red bricks that line its facade. This 967-square-meter building houses a single nave with all kinds of icons and decorations that respond to the Byzantine era and Orthodox rites / customs.The Uspenski Cathedral is one of the most recognized works of the Russian architect Alexey Gornostaev, despite the fact that its construction ended after his death.


Another interesting square to visit in the Senate Square, designed by the architect Carl Ludvig Engel. This place, located on the streets of Barrio Tori (Tori Quarter), gathers tourists who hope to know a little more closely the Palace of the State Council or the University of Helsinki located there, and also the Helsinki (Lutheran) Cathedral that You will recognize its white neoclassical style.

This square has a lot of activity of interest, such as art exhibitions, ice sculpture competitions in winter, concerts and also snowboard competitions!


In Narinkka Square you find the Chapel of Silence (Kamppi), inaugurated a few years ago, in the same square that houses the popular Kamppi shopping center. The chapel consists of a cylindrical wooden structure designed by K2S, the renowned Finnish design studio.


The famous Temppliaukio church is one of the most visited places in the city. It is a striking structure carved out of stone with a glass dome from which a beautiful natural light enters, located in the Töölö district. Half a million tourists visit this curiously built church with excellent acoustics for concerts. It is a Lutheran temple designed by brothers Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen (both architects) in 1969.


As we have mentioned before, Helsinki is a city open to the Baltic Sea, so getting on the panoramic city cruise is one of the most important and exciting activities for those who visit it. In addition to the ferries that take you to the archipelagos and islands near the city, there are cruises that could even take you to Russia and Sweden.

The sightseeing tour will take you about 90 minutes in which you can leisurely stroll and enjoy the view of the islands and Helsinki itself from different and indescribable angles. In winter navigation is allowed if there are no freezes, but the most typical thing is to take this tour at the rest of the year.


The Ateneum is one of the most important museums in all of Helsinki. And it is home to the most complete and oldest collection of Finnish art in history (XVIII to XX) and also houses more than 600 international works by iconic artists. Founded in 1887, the Ateneum is part of the Finnish National Gallery, next to the Kiasma Contemporary Museum and the Sinebrychoff Museum of European Art (XIV to XIX).

Are you excited to meet them? And these are just some of the most iconic and representative places in the city, but the truth is that from wherever you look at it you will have a new place to visit and know in Helsinki.

Explore Helsinki - Finland


Your stay in Helsinki will surely be very novel and interesting for you. You find many types of accommodation, from cabins and apartments, to hotels of all kinds and with beautiful designs and all the comforts. One of the most famous is the Hotel Torni, which has panoramic views (Scandic), bars, terraces open to the public and others, all set in the style of the 1920s.

We know that Finland is not an excessively tourist country like Italy, France and Germany, but that does not leave it behind in the race for excellence in tourism and hospitality. And although the standard of living is high in Finland, the prices of accommodation, hotels, hostels, challenges, cottages and so-called Bed & Breakfast They are not too exaggerated, and have optimum quality. Also, in themselves they are incredible architectural works stylish contemporary and modern that fuse metal, wood, furniture and glass and glass in perfect harmony and design.

Helsinki also has many eccentric "boutique" hotel options as well as very interesting "boutique" hostels, which will seem more like just another tourist spot on your travel schedule. This is a new concept of accommodation in Helsinki that offers a more picturesque style at affordable prices, but without sacrificing attention, quality or service. However, it is possible that -by official regulation- some rooms have the bathroom outside, since they are very strict when it comes to keeping the structures as original as possible. It's still very charming, well priced and pet friendly In its great majority!

Many tourists also choose to stay in rented apartments or flats in the city, seeking to live the local experience first hand. You find them scattered throughout Helsinki, and prices vary depending on how close you are to the center or if it is located near any point of tourist interest.

Explore Helsinki - FinlandThis cosmopolitan city settled on the shores of the Baltic is defined as being very calm and full of knowledge and knowledge. The center and all corners of Helsinki inspire history, architectural richness and design, which leave every tourist impressed, and very happy to have chosen this city to visit. Its people are very open, honest and warm, and that gives tourism a very important symbol in the city. In addition, the natural beauty that Helsinki offers is amazing because it combines tradition, ancient technology and modernism in one place.

You can take your time, look around, plan your visit, and get around the way you prefer, be it on public transport, bicycle, ferry, cruise, or sledding!

It is definitely a city that has it all. Have you been as delighted as us? Don't miss out on all that this great city has to offer!

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