The method dropshipping: all about what is the dropshipping

July 21, 2020

what is he dropshipping

THE REVOLUTION OF THE METHOD DROPSHIPPING: Everything you need to know about the dropshipping to improve your internet business.

E-commerce is the present and the future of successful sales transactions for all kinds of products and services, of that there is no doubt. Expanding sales and delivery formats are an essential part of achieving good growth in your internet business, and one of the best ways to achieve this is to incorporate the dropshipping to your business model.

If you still don't know what he really is method dropshipping then keep reading! We explain everything you have to know about dropshipment and the advantages that this online purchase and sale model can offer your online store.

Dopshipping fashion

What is the dropshipping and how it works?

It is one of the best online sales systems, since its main advantage is the saving of stock management and product shipping. It is a personalized method of product distribution according to the sales and orders of online retail stores associated with third-party wholesalers. In this case, the online retail store is only in charge of selling said products and promoting the transaction on the internet, without having to store the items it sells or take care of the delivery and shipment of the same.

In this way, the online retail store does not manipulate the items it sells, because it takes advantage of the stock, the warehouse and the parcel service of a third party, which is who provides and distributes the entire catalog of products at its disposal.

El dropshipping It is a simple model that facilitates the shipping system for retail around the world. In short, it is about setting up an online store with the advantage of selling the products of the Dealer dropshipping, without having to be part of the logistics of the stock, the warehouse of storage, nor the parcel service for shipments or returns.

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The method dropshipping work?

El dropshipping It is an excellent business model for buying and selling on the internet and works perfectly when the following aspects that characterize it are met:


Your online store is automatically synchronized with the Dealer dropshipping (the third-party wholesaler) that provides the products and articles for sale. Its product catalog is synchronized in real time to its stock, so your customers buy their products through your platform.


The retailer sells the products in its online business with low investment, as it saves production, storage and shipping costs; this is taken care of by the supplier dropshipping.


The retailer only invests in setting up an online store (if it does not already have one) easily on platforms such as Wordpress or Prestashop, with which it easily synchronizes all the products offered by the supplier dropshipping through the platform dropshipping or with a CSV file dropshipping with all the details of the purchase.


El method dropshipping It requires a few basic technical skills to carry out this operation, although many wholesalers may support you in creating your platform if you do not have it. You must always keep it operational and well maintained so that it has an optimal operation. In addition, you must apply strategic digital marketing actions to guarantee more sales.


The retailer will only have to worry about selling, charging the end customer, and paying the wholesaler according to a previous agreement, to keep the agreed profit margin. When the customer pays the retailer, the retailer must pay the Dealer dropshipping a percentage of the price of the item, and from there comes the final profit.

Dropshipping clothes and complements

How to start a business dropshipping?

Like any business, you must think very well about the idea of ​​what you want to sell and how to do it effectively. In the house of method dropshipping, the internet and communications are your main ally. Running an online business based on dropshipping It involves meticulously managing the sale and purchase actions on the internet in alliance with a supplier. Once you have decided on this business, we recommend that you follow these operating tips to start your business based on the method dropshipping:


It is important that you get very good advice on how to run and run an internet business. It is really very simple, but you must be prepared. Take examples of success stories from dropshipping on the internet and take the best of each of it. Your internet business, if you don't already have it, must be very well established. Once you have it, you will be able to contact the suppliers, negotiate the products to sell, the profit margin, and above all, correctly synchronize your platform with that of the dropshipper for their product catalog to display correctly on your e-website. commerce, and the stock is updated in real time.


Remember that your goal is to find the best product for dropshipping for your audience! Study the market and choose what type of your online store you want to have. Choose a specific market niche and focus on it. In this way, you can select the best products and items to sell in your online store with the help of your Dealer dropshipping.

Tu provider dropshipping It will help you in two key points in your business: at the beginning when you decide to open an online store; and when you decide that it is time to expand your product catalog, and you need support from distributors dropshipping because you can't produce and ship the products by yourself. Join the Suppliers dropshipping that best suit your needs!


El Dealer dropshipping that you choose must be able to provide you with the products and items that you have decided to sell in your online store. The quality of your ATC service (customer service) will depend to a large extent on them, so your brand image and the reputation of your business must be optimal.

Take advantage of the internet! Remember that your search must include "provider dropshipping (product you want) ”. For example, search “supplier dropshipping sunglasses" The search results will give you multiple options to choose from, but at the end of the day the important thing is to detail the description and benefits that they offer you to choose the dropshipper that best suits your needs. You can always contact them for more information.

The best commercial ally will be the one that offers you better business conditions, better profit margin and better administrative and legal conditions. But you do all this by knocking on the right doors.


Remember that products are provided by Suppliers dropshipping, but the face before your clients is your brand, your website and your business. Standing out from the rest is key in this and any online business, so you must incorporate into your brand strategy, marketing tactics that add added value to your business, for example, brand customization, discounts, customer service, presence in social networks, etc.

Dropshipping Sunglasses

Are you interested in doing dropshipping? Contact the experts in dropshipping in fashion and sports accessories, and includes our wide range of products and articles in casual and sports optical fashion to the list of products in your online store.

If you need Suppliers dropshipping sunglasses and optical fashion For your online business, contact us for more information on our dynamics and product catalog.

Do you have any doubts or questions?

We want to support the growth of your business! Get in touch with us and we will answer you as soon as possible. Leave us your comments, questions or suggestions in the message box. We are dedicated to the business of dropshipping and we know that if we get together it will be more than great.

We are very excited to welcome you to our team of dropshipping and distribution!

The time has come to ensure that your business continues to grow with quality optical products so that you benefit to the maximum! Don't wait any longer to enjoy these great benefitsthat we have created for you!

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