Skiing in Colorado: a review of the best seasons

May 27, 2020

Skiing in Colorado: a review of the best seasons


When we think of Colorado, skiing is the first thing that comes to mind ... And why not? Impossible not to associate one with the other! Its mountains full of reliefs and natural bowls seem that they were specially created for lovers of this and other snow sports to slide through them.

Feel the adrenaline and the fresh air at ski in Colorado It is unmatched, because the truth is that visiting its peaks, which are the highest in the Rocky Mountains, screams out an adventure story that every skier should be a part of.

The so-called Centennial State, to the west of the United States, can have great blizzards due to its height and climatic conditions, but between the months of November to April it receives thousands of skiers who are looking for adventure in its different seasons and snow attractions.

Skiing in Colorado: a review of the best seasons



The city of Aspen is located in Pitkin County, Colorado, and emerged as a ski mecca after World War II with the creation of the Aspen Skiing Company, making this city a major hub over the years. sports and cultural activities that revolve around this sport.

Aspen is made up of 4 different centers with no connection between them and we assure you that it is a city in which skiing is possible even if your budget is not the highest, and also if you do not have much experience skiing, since everything will depend on the ski center that you choose to visit, and the season in which you go.

Beginners will find the Buttermilk station and the lower part of the Snowmass station ideal. If you have intermediate qualities, it will be very useful to visit 'Highlands' and 'Snowmass' in their highest areas. And if you are already an advanced or professional skier, choose Aspen mountainYou can't pass the Highlands station bowl though.

Skiing in Colorado: a review of the best seasons

Take a little more tour of the Aspen ski resorts with us!

Aspen Mountain (Ajax)

Located in the north of the city, Aspen Mountain was the first ski center in this town, and it has a very particular characteristic that sets it apart from the rest, and that is that its slopes are of very high difficulty. In fact, they don't offer beginner slopes at Aspen Mountain. It consists of multiple intermediate, advanced and expert tracks, so it can become quite exclusive in this regard. It has a total of 76 tracks that are connected by some lifts, and its base is very close to the city itself.

Aspen - Buttermilk

For its part, the Buttermilk station is made up of “easy” and “intermediate” slopes, especially recommended to get you started in the world of skiing, practice your skills or enjoy the pipes(cheat tubes) and snowparks (snow parks). In addition, its peculiarities also make it a very familiar center, especially for children. It is located north of the Aspen Highlands, and is relatively low in elevation.

Aspen - Highlands

You find it north of Aspen, located on Highland Peak and Loge Peak. Aspen Highlands stands out among the rest for offering high mountain skiing (not recommended for intermediate or beginners) that offer its reliefs and natural bowls adapted for sport: the Highland Bowl, the Olympic Bow and the Steeplechase. So if you are looking for an extreme experience, this is definitely the place for you.

Apen - Snowmass

Located in the vicinity of Snowmass Village, this station is undoubtedly one of the most popular in Aspen, and is also the largest of the 4. It has a wide range of tracks for all levels that make it a spot Ideal for beginners and for family visits, but do not be fooled by this, it also includes high-level tracks that are quite a challenge for the most advanced. Snowmass station has a very good atmosphere, hotels, restaurants and shops to buy.

Aspen as a ski resort is designed to offer an incomparable experience, capable of adapting to the needs of each traveler and their travel motives (adventure, family, romance or learning). You can definitely visit all its stations, but now you will know which one suits you best.

In addition, the entire space is very well adapted to tourism, and the experience is more pleasant, safe and comfortable, from offering comfortable transport systems, to storage spaces and changing boots so as not to carry extra weight so that you can concentrate your energies in the real reason we are there ... skiing!

Skiing in Colorado: a review of the best seasons


At the Copper Mountain station you are greeted by an incredible atmosphere full of tourists and also many locals, with numerous tracks for all levels. It is located west of Denver (capital of Colorado). There you will find 77 easy, 50 intermediate and 25 difficult tracks for a total of 152 tracks waiting for you. As it is only 13 km from Frisco (Summit County), you can choose accommodation options in this nearby town if you want to cut your lodging budget during your trip, a city that also has tourist entertainment options such as snow parks, museums and hiking areas.

However, the Copper Mountain station itself has its own entertainment facilities, hostel and restaurants that will leave you amazed, spread over three locations: East Village, The Village at Copper and West Village.

Its bowls are the delight of the most expert in the sport, naturally formed between the mountains, and adapted for the enjoyment of visitors, with numerous tracks available, both trodden and unstepped.

Keep in mind that the height of this station is about 3.000 meters, so you must prepare to assume this and not allow it to take away from the fun of your trip.

Skiing in Colorado: a review of the best seasons


Also known as "The Favorite of Colorado", Winter Park Resort is a resort designed mainly for advanced and intermediate ski levels, although we do find trail options for beginners. Located near the Front Range (about 90 minutes from Denver), Winter Park is perfectly positioned next to the Continental Divide which gives it the advantage of receiving and catching winter storms from almost all its fronts. What does this mean? The storms will be trapped and add more layers of snow to enjoy big.

The station has three peaks (Winter Park, Mary Jane and Vasquez Ridge) that are interconnected and communicate with each other by trails and lifts, and can accommodate more than 10.000 people per day of skiing. It has options for mountain inns, hotels, and condos ranging from the cheapest to the most luxurious. And don't be surprised if you find some lodging rooms hidden in the forest of the downtownWinter Park!

In addition, this station has the great advantage of being adapted to receive people with almost any type of physical disability, who will have the opportunity to learn to ski or snowboard at the National Sports Center for People with Disabilities (NSCD) located there.

Skiing in Colorado: a review of the best seasons


This station is indeed the largest in the entire state of Colorado and the third largest in the entire US. It is located in Eagle County, next to the city of Vail. It will undoubtedly be one of the best vacation experiences you can choose from, as it offers practically everything between its three sections (The Front-Side, Blue Sky Basin, and Black Bowls). It includes tracks mostly for advanced levels, so Many ski experts come to this station, but it does offer excellent options for intermediate and beginners that will not disappoint you in the least.

In addition, it has very picturesque towns and cities in the Vail Valley and colonial, but you will see that shopping and nightlife are indeed luxurious! You will find hundreds of lodging alternatives (inns, hotels, houses / cabins and condos) that will adapt to all budgets and tastes due to its great variety of options, although it is true that it can be one of the most expensive centers in Colorado. If you have the opportunity to invest in this snow experience, it is more than recommended! Although you can also choose to stay in towns near the station a few kilometers away.

Curious fact: The town of Vail itself was built after the ski resort opened in 1962!

In addition, the Vail Ski Resort is made up of three other resorts, which are considered independent, but are operated by Vail Resorts:


You find it no more than 20 minutes from Vail, near the town of Avon. Beaver Creek is synonymous with luxury in every way, from its brand name stores to the art galleries you stumble upon when strolling, making it one of the most elegant, premium and exclusive options.

The ski center is relatively small compared to the rest of the stations, with a ski mountain made up of three villages. Mostly it has tracks for intermediate levels, but it has options for advanced and beginner levels. You also find an ice skating rink that you can't miss!


Colloquially called "Breck", it is made up of 5 peaks spread throughout Summit County, one of the most visited annually in the US. The Breckenridge experience does have a more village-like and quaint feel, but it doesn't interrupt in any way with its excellent services and lodging options to suit all tastes.

It is an extensive snowy terrain that mostly has slopes for advanced and intermediate expert levels, although you also find beginner slopes with a ski school to learn. In addition, you can enjoy parks of free-style For the more adventurous with boxes and rails to slide and jump into everything, and where you could even run into a recognized professional practicing for their next competition.


The Keystone station is located in the eponymous city in the state of Colorado, very close to Denver, and is also currently operated by Vail Ski Resorts. Its ski complex is made up of 3 mountains, mainly with slopes for advanced and expert, but with options for intermediate and beginners so no one is left out! Keystone is especially nice for its Night skiing (night skiing) since many of its slopes are specially adapted for this at night.

At Keystone Resort you will find exquisite restaurant options and various shops, as well as more than a thousand accommodation options that will suit your tastes and preferences, from the most welcoming and really affordable, to the most luxurious private houses and mountain condos.

In addition, it has areas for horseback riding, golf courses, a mountain bike park, spaces for lectures and conferences, and a nearby lake that, when frozen, turns into an ice skating rink, just a few minutes away.

Skiing in Colorado: a review of the best seasons


Also called "The Basin" or "A-Basin", Arapahoe Basin is a station housed in the White River National Forest in Colorado. It is a destination specially designed for experts in skiing and snowboarding, as it is mostly made up of advanced-level slopes, although it does offer intermediate and also beginner track options, with a learning school. In addition, it is a station where you can ski until the beginning of June (it could even extend until July), which is why it often opens three months longer than other stations and this does give it added value.

Keep in mind that it does not have its own accommodation, so you must choose to stay at the Keystone Resort or in the neighboring cities just 20 minutes away from the ski area, such as Frisco, Dillon, Silverthorne and Breckenridge.

Skiing in Colorado: a review of the best seasons


You find it very close to the city of Georgetown in Colorado, made up of the Loveland Basin and Loveland Valley areas, which are connected to each other by a bus ride away. Skiers and RIDERS The most extreme are the ones that visit Loveland station the most, in search of its 400 '' tracks of snow without traffic and its steep slopes that end in open bowls; much more snow than at other ski resorts in Colorado.

However, novice skiers find great options at this resort, just as steep, but less steep, specifically in the Loveland Valley area. It is usually one of the stations that open their doors first in the year, with seasons that go from October to May. The accommodation options are quite wide, with alternatives from simple hotels to adapted condos with all the comforts. However, if you can choose to stay in the town of Georgetown, it also has excellent options.

Skiing in Colorado: a review of the best seasons

These are some of the best resorts you can visit on your next ski tripto Colorado. Each of them is unique in its style, and if you wish you can visit more than one.

REMEMBER: The ski season is generally between the months of November and April.

As we discussed earlier, the Arapahoe Barin and Loveland resorts are the two that tend to be open longer than the rest, but the truth is that the opening and closing of the ski seasons is subject to each season's own jurisdiction.

They generally make their decision based on the amount and level of snow that has fallen during that year.


Colorado is a beautiful state that houses not only skiing, you can also take advantage of the trip to enjoy other amenities while letting your body rest from so much adventure and adrenaline.

You can also enjoy other unforgettable experiences visiting the city of Denver and the state of Colorado in general, which are full of places of interest to visit:

  • Bike rides
  • The Denver Zoo
  • The Denver Museum of Science and Nature
  • Snowmobile rides through the mountains
  • Ice skating on frozen rivers
  • Kayaking in Confluence Park
  • Pedal boat Washington Park
  • The RiNo ART District
  • Shopping
  • Pubs and restaurants
  • Sports meetings of local teams

... among many other forms of entertainment Colorado offers.

Remember that to go on ski trips you should always be very prepared for low temperatures, with the appropriate clothing and the necessary equipment, whether they are your own or rented in the seasons. Also keep in mind that snow adventure sports always pose a degree of risk to consider. That is why it is always important to be well informed, prepared and maintain a good state of alert.

But this ski trip to Colorado does promise maximum fun, freedom and adrenaline!

Now that you know a little more about the skiing experience in Colorado, you can choose the best season and center according to your needs. So do not hesitate and live this adventure trip that will mark your life forever!

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