Sunglasses for men: According to your face type

July 19, 2021

Sunglasses for men: According to your face type

Men also cry, we also take care of ourselves, we are also interested in trends, and of course, we also want to combine our clothes and accessories in the best possible way.

Sunglasses are an easy accessory to combine, however, you need to know how to do it.

To begin with, not all of us fit the same things equally well, we have to be aware of the style we have, what favors us the most, the type of face we have, and once this is done, look for a trend that suits our features.

In today's post we give you some tips so that you know which is the perfect glasses for you, and where you can find them; although the answer is quite clear: in The Indian Face.


The design and format of the glasses has changed over the years, the colors, the size, the materials that compose them have changed ...

One of the trends that has been carried out in recent seasons has been to give a modern touch to the classic designs of always to give it a new look.

Now you can see, for example, some pasta glasses, so typical of the last century, but with curious patterns and colors.


In addition to renewing the classic styles, there is another trend that is emerging in the market, and that is to design small frames. These types of designs fit perfectly on elongated and not very large faces. 

When it comes to relating the glasses to the type of face with which they fit, we are going to take some Hollywood stars that will serve as a reference when giving each face a glasses. Then you can extrapolarit to your face and identify which glasses is the right one for you.

We have made a division between the types of faces that can be found, and the size of each one.


Square face

If there is a Hollywood actor who stands out for having rather square features, that is Brad Pitt. This type of face is quite characteristic, masculine and usually generate attractiveness. The haircut that usually suits square faces is short or cropped.

The ideal glasses for these faces are usually those with rounded, narrow and even oval structures, since they balance the face visually speaking. As for the frame, those that are large tend to fit well, or at least larger than the width of the face. Be that as it may, square frames are out of the question.

The Frontierde The Indian Face It has a structure that is close to oval or aviator, and it has no frame at the bottom of the lens, which adds lightness to the square face. We believe that, for these types of faces, our Frontier model can provide very good results.


Free Spirit The Indian Face

Leonardo DiCaprio is going to be the second actor that we are going to take as a reference to check which glasses are indicated for each one. But this time we are going to do it to talk about round faces.

In this case we observe that the forehead and the jaw are not as wide as the cheekbones, in fact, they are much narrower, which is why a circular effect of the face is generated.

This type of face is favored by haircuts with a toupee, somewhat bushy and bushy eyebrows, a beard ... All the elements that give the face a feeling of a straight line.

The perfect glasses in this type of case are those with straight lines. They generate an effect that enhances the face to lengthen and promote its balance. Small or rounded glasses will enhance your face to become more circular.

Glasses Free Spiritde The Indian Face they have lines that work perfectly on this type of face. They are designed with a rather square structure that will favor that the face does not flatten.


Collection Polar Black The Indian Face

The elongated face usually has a rectangular shape, and there is a lot of distance between the forehead and the chin, creating two straight lines on the sides. Among the ambassadors of this type of face are Robert Pattinson, Jon Kortajarena or Adam Reynolds. Long hair usually looks good on this mole of faces, and the beard is not out of place either. Glasses?

The bigger they are, the better they will sit, since they reduce the effect of the length of the face in this way.

Glasses Polarde The Indian Face They are a good option for oval faces, although they are not excessively large, they do fulfill the function of not lengthening the face too much, thus balancing the facial features and giving it an extra uniformity.


Kahoa Collection The Indian Face

It has always been said that the oval face is the most harmonious and Ryan Gosling can boast of having it. It is usually characterized by having a sharp chin, little jaw and the difference between the length and width of the face of five centimeters.

This face suits all haircuts, and almost all types of glasses. Rounded or rectangular shapes are a very good option. Very large glasses, on the other hand, do not look so good on oval faces.

The Kahoaof our brand The Indian Face They have the quality that they are not large and have a standard structure and shape. They adapt very well to all types of faces, and more, of course, to oval ones.

We have already talked about the types of faces, but now, you have to think if your face is big or small, because yes, size does matter and is a determining factor when it comes to seeing how the glasses fit you.


An effective way to know if your face is big is to compare it with your shoulders; although you will definitely know it when you try on one-size-fits-all caps or hats; If the hat is too small for you, it is evident that your face is big.

In this case, the glasses that will best suit you will be those with large lenses and thin frames.


If at the time of putting on a cap or hat of one size, you discover that you are loose, then welcome to the club of the small heads. The glasses that will suit you are going to be original and stand out, but always in small and simple frames, but thick. Acetate models that claim to resemble the classic Carey models are now very much in fashion and that do provide the distinctive aura necessary to succeed.

We hope that this post has been useful for you to know which glasses you have to choose when you go to immerse yourself in the world of brands, the infinity of models and trends.

And if you have any questions, you know where we are!

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