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There have been many adventurers who have opted to rent a camper van this summer and thus choose the great variety of destinations that this entails, instead of just one. Imagine waking up anywhere, be it the sea or the mountains, accompanied by the sound of the earliest birds and a Sun that timidly begins to say good morning to you. Go out and admire the beautiful landscape that surrounds you, and put on our glasses to comfortably adapt your eyes to the morning light. Feel the breeze and the tranquility, both oblivious to the noise of a city that sometimes drowns a bit. That is, the experience of traveling and deciding the route on the go ... have you ever been this free? After all, this nomadic lifestyle seeks to be that escape route, an alternative, an opportunity to disconnect and connect at the same time. And we know that not everyone would be willing to leave everything to live with what is right and not be tied to anything (we the first, we have to keep coming to the office), but that does not mean that we do not choose this to spend a vacation different. And like us, so many others! For all this, in The Indian Face We have been very attentive to this new trend and we want to tell you everything we have discovered. Who knows ... maybe you are the next to go to the #VanLife!



After the restrictions of the pandemic, it is inevitable to think that society has become much more jealous of its privacy when it comes to traveling, at the same time that its desire to leave its comfort zone and explore those areas has grown. , especially local, which used to be in the background. As collected El País From the estimates of the automobile sector, this summer some 55.000 national and 150.000 foreign motorhomes have filled the Spanish roads. But what is it about #VanLife that has attracted so many people?

Camper vans: Foster Huntington

The creator of the movement on social networks was Foster Huntington (@fosterhunting) in 2011, who chose to give up his life as a designer at Ralph Lauren to move to a Volkswagen Syncro from the eighties. Being a great lover of surfing, Huntington traveled the coast of California carrying the phrase of Home is where you park it ("Your home is where you park"). The truth is that, although not everyone wants to leave everything and go nomadic life, there are many who do see it as the best option to disconnect and feel the complete freedom of the road and nature, especially in the holiday period. This social phenomenon has undoubtedly come to stay. And you, do you dare?



Traveling with a camper can be a before and after. In other words, why choose only one destination when you can see many more in the same trip? It is a change of mind and life. Being aware of the environmental impact of each of our actions and being, in many aspects, self-sufficient. Nothing is wasted on such a trip, not even time. Every day new concerns are born, new challenges, new views capable of taking your hiccups away. But if you still don't know exactly what reasons have led so many couples and groups of friends to choose this camper experience to spend the holidays, here we list you some of the points in favor that will undoubtedly help you decide:

  • It allows you to know many wonderful and hidden places.
  • It gives you the freedom to plan your route on the go.
  • You learn to live with what is just and necessary.
  • You save on accommodation and travel.
  • You enjoy company like never before.

Camper van interior



A “camper” is still a hybrid between a van and a motorhome, but it responds more to the first of the terms. When it comes to driving, the handling is very similar to that of a car due to its small size, and the prices are around 37 thousand euros. They are vehicles that have been adapted for their habitability with the basics and that, unlike motorhomes, are not structures mounted on the body but have been later adapted to be "Home vehicles".

Within camper vans we can find three sizes to choose based on the experience we want to enjoy. The mini campervan more common could be models such as:

  • Citroen berlingo
  • Nissan NV200
  • volkswagen caddy
Camper vans: Volkswagen caddy

On the other hand we have the medium, among which we can highlight some models such as:

  • Volkswagen California
  • Fiat Talento
  • Mercedes Vito

I may that within this group you recognize the typical Volkswagen of American films of the 80s. Even in the Outer Banks series, one of the latest Netflix phenomena, almost the entire plot takes place behind the wheel of an old Volkswagen Kombi Westfalia.

Camper vans: Outer Banks Van

And finally we would find those models of larger size, As:

  • Mercedes Sprinter
  • Renault Master
  • Ford Transit

These types of vans will allow you to travel. certainly with more space. They give a greater feeling of "home on wheels" because, after all, they are fully equipped. They are vehicles designed for families or groups of friends, and living something like this in a group will make the experience much more fun and enriching than you imagine. 

Camper vans: Mercedes Sprinter



Maybe buying a campervan is not the first option that comes to mind when you think about join the #VanLife. I mean, adventurous but not much, right? Quiet! The solution is the same as for so many other things: rent. In fact, there have been several companies that have joined this specific sector, whose Instagram profiles bring together people like you and me who have decided to spend a few days on the coast or in the mountains in a campervan. One such company is The Feather Van (@thefeathervan), And we couldn't like it more! This company allows you to rent different models of vans in Madrid and Barcelona to which they have given names like Bahamas, Bali, Ohana, Arizona… all of them look incredible! We love the spirit that their business model breathes because it is committed to sharing unique experiences and they even allow pets. They have thought of everything! It was created by the influencer Alba Paul Ferrer (@albapaulfe) and her friend Lucia (@lmedrano_), and it has also been the perfect getaway plan for other personalities such as Marta Riumbao (@riumbaumarta), Luc Loren (@lucloren) or Magali Dalix (@magalidalix). In our team we are already looking to see what weekend we go, I will not tell you more. The best thing is that their website allows you to see the availability of each model for the dates you want, and it specifies exactly the measurements of each van as well as the facilities it has. It's up to you to choose the route you want to do and, from there, enjoy it to the fullest. Our mouths are watering with this great plan.

Camper van



Travel with a camper van it is suitable for nature lovers, be it the sea or the mountains. At the beginning of the article we also highlighted the social change that COVID has brought with it, and discovering our own country has become the best option to spend the holidays and thus strengthen local tourism and the Spanish economy. Who wants to go outside having the wonderful landscapes and climates that we have here?

As stated by various forums and communities of camper lovers, the best mountain areas to travel with a van of this type are the area of ​​the Pyrenees, Picos de Europa y Sierra Nevada. But if, on the contrary, your friends and you are looking for something more coastal, they recommend places like the Rías Baixas, Tarifa y the Costa Blanca.

Camper vans

And if after all this you still haven't decided to join the #VanLife, imagine how good your country look would be with one of our caps.

No problem!



  • How to choose a camper van?

When choosing a van model it is super important to take into account the number of people that will travel in it. As much as the saying says that “where two fit, three fit”, when carrying out this type of trip in which space is rather limited, the comfort it is a plus point; It will make you enjoy the experience much more. On the other hand, the price is another factor to take into account, so we recommend that you ask yourself questions such as: With what frequency would you travel by camper? How many kilometers would you be able to do a year? The reality is that, although it is about cushioning an expense, it is an investment that is truly worth it. Spoiler: after a trip of this type ... you will want to repeat for sure.

  • How much is a Camper worth?

As in many other sectors, you can find a wide variety of prices and everything will depend on the brand, the product and the specifications. In the case of a camper van, prices are around 15.000 and 30.000 euros. However, as we have told you in one of the previous sections, there is always the option to rent. The prices in this case will depend a lot on the number of days you would like to have the van, but there are undoubtedly many current users of these vehicles who recommend renting first in order to experience that first contact, lest you not like the experience!

  • Where to park the van?

It is true that there are currently many protected areas where caravans or vans are not allowed to park. However, with a relatively studied route you will not have any problem spending the night. You will find the greatest difficulty in large cities. For example, if your Camper route involves passing through Madrid, there is a long-distance car park at the Temple of Debod where you can leave your van for a maximum of 12 hours. However, the vast majority of routes combine campsites and wild camping so unless you see a sign that specifically prohibits it, you will not have a major problem.

  • How much does it cost to make a Camper van?

If traveling with a Camper is already made for people with an adventurous spirit, imagine those who make the van themselves! This process would consist of two important parts: make a complete camperización and homologate the vehicle itself. For this camperization we would have to have an engineer (it is not a plan to do it on our own either) and generally the total price it can reach around 6000 euros. It will depend, above all, on the quality of the materials used and the amount of equipment with which you want to have your new home. Think of it as a "remodel" of your home.

  • What is the best time to do a route by van?

As we have told you in this article, in The Indian Face We have noticed this rebound in registrations of vans in the summer season in our country. Perhaps, seeing this, you want to be a little more "alternative" in terms of dates so as not to coincide with your neighbor in the fifth, who also liked the idea of ​​going on a van route. But it is important to know that your experience will vary greatly depending on the weather. The springFor example, it is a fantastic option if you want to travel around Spain.