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Features Glasses Polarhoisted The Indian Face

Sunglasses The Indian Face® are recognized and marketed in more than 30 countries. Do you think it's casualty? #BORNTOBEFREE

Unisex Sunglasses

    • Unisex frame for both men and women
    • TAC lenses PolarHigh Definition hoists
    • CAT.3 protection - UV400
    • Frame made of maximum lightness polycarbonate.
    • Extra strong titanium hinges
    • Microfiber case included with which you can store your glasses and also clean the lenses
  • They are totally unisex sunglasses, that is, they are glasses with frames that adapt to both men and women. Thanks to its symmetrical balance, we achieve a favorable aesthetic effect on both facial profiles, thus achieving total versatility.
  • These sunglasses have been made with lenses polarHoists capable of effectively blocking direct sunlight and also the glare and reflections produced by their bouncing off smooth surfaces such as road pavement, sea water, etc. Thus achieving a much smoother and more comfortable vision in addition to reproducing a more natural color and contrast.

    They have protection UV400 in category 3, making it the perfect choice for practicing water and winter sports, as well as being perfect for daily use and suitable for driving

    Lenses High Definition FULL HD TAC They are made of materials that provide high contrast and sharpness.

Sunglasses for men and women polarmodel hoists Free Spirit

  • Sunglasses for people with an athletic and adventurous spirit who break the rules. These sunglasses polarhoisted are unisex ideal for both men and women. Available in different color combinations to suit your lifestyle.

    Extra comfortable design to adapt to your day to day, both in sports practice and walking through the countryside or the city.

    Sunglasses can be the best accessory for you. Not only does it protect you from the sun but it also helps you define your casual or sporty look. In the past, men had a variety of ties in the closet and women, a number of hats with which to combine their daily looks. To this day, sunglasses are the strongest complement that a person has in mind when completing their look, both men and women. They give you color, design, style and also sun protection


    • Lenses PolarHoisted: they deflect reflections and the rebound of solar rays on surfaces such as the road or the sea, thus creating a greater visual smoothness which translates into greater comfort for your eyes.
    • Filter UV400 that protects you from the sun's UV rays, including UVA and UVB rays.
    • Light transmission in Category 3 perfect for days with intense sun. To go to the beach, practice sports or simply walk through the countryside or the city.
    • Lenses TAC FULL HD Made with multi-layer High Definition to achieve greater clarity in any light condition. You will see all the colors with better contrast and greater fidelity.


    • Ultra light frame made of PC
    • Extra comfortable unisex ergonomic design for a better fit for both men and women
    • 5-bar titanium hinges for greater durability at maximum performance. Sunglasses can be opened and closed thousands of times, so it is important to have the highest quality hinges capable of withstanding the passage of time.

    Can you ask for something more from a complement?

  • Are they sunglasses for men or women?

    They are totally unisex sunglasses, that is, they are worn by both women and men. They feel good in both cases. They are sporty style sunglasses that both a man and a woman like, what they give you is a sporty point that is so fashionable. Sport sunglasses for people with a sporty spirit.

    What are sunglasses polarhoisted?

    They are glasses whose lenses are polarhoisted. He polarhoisted is a filter vertical that blocks the rays of light from the sun that reach our eyes horizontally, for example, when the rays of the sun are reflected in the snow, in the water of the sea or in the asphalt. Make viewing more enjoyable.

    What are better, sunglasses polarhoisted or normal?

    This depends on each person. Usually wear sunglasses polarhoisted It is more comfortable for the eyes, but for example, there are electronic device screens that do not look good with lenses polarhoisted. When driving or navigating the sea, we strongly recommend wearing sunglasses with lenses polarhoisted since by eliminating reflections from the asphalt or the sea, they allow a more comfortable driving and navigation.

    What are the lens Categories?

    • CATEGORY 0-1 They are purely fashionable sunglasses, with them you do not have to expose yourself too much to the sun.
    • CATEGORY 2 Increases the level of protection, but still not suitable for use with a lot of sun exposure.
    • CATEGORY 3 Considered the most adequate protection for normal activities under strong sunlight.
    • CATEGORY 4 The highest level of protection, only suitable for activities where the eyes are exposed to extreme light levels, such as skiing or mountaineering. They are forbidden to drive.

    How to know if sunglasses are polarhoisted?

    You must first place the sunglasses in a horizontal position and then turn them little by little verticalmind until reaching 60º to 90º. If the glass turns a little blacker than it was before, then the sunglasses are polarhoisted.

    What is UV 400 protection?

    Protection in sunglasses UV400 It is a filter that completely protects you from the sun's UV rays, including UVA and UVB rays. This means that the lenses of your sunglasses will be able to block any UV rays with a wavelength of less than 400 nanometers.

    How to clean sunglasses polarhoisted?

    Normally the most effective way to clean sunglasses is using mild soap and water. However, we have created a small guide on how to clean sunglasses polarized in this article from our blog. Click here: how to clean sunglasses polarhoisted

  • Avoiding scratches and taking care of your sunglasses is essential to ensure that they last over time in perfect condition. The glasses already suffer inevitably with the use that we give them during the passage of time so as not to protect them to the best of our ability. We give you some simple tips to take better care of your sunglasses:

    When you're not using them, please store them properly:

    Always protect your glasses from the accumulation of dust, scratches, scratches and any incident inside their case. There are always risks and accidents so these will have less consequences and we have well protected glasses. When removing the glasses from their case, use both hands to avoid pulling that could cause the temples and the frame to suffer.

    Clean your glasses frequently:

    To clean them superficially, always use the glasses-cleaning cloth and frequently, clean them thoroughly with warm water and mild soap. A good frequent cleaning helps you protect the lenses and the frame helping to extend their useful life in perfect conditions.

    Avoid using products that can damage frames and lenses:

    To keep your sunglasses well, avoid using products such as colognes, sun creams, hairspray or abrasive products. If you have to apply cream or cologne, try to remove your glasses before applying them and thus avoid that part of these products can come off on the lenses or frames. Also, do not expose your glasses to sources of heat or places with high temperatures. Even if they are sunglasses, do not leave them lying anywhere in the scorching summer sun! The high temperatures that are reached with a continuous exposure, deteriorate the materials.

    Follow these 3 tips and you will see how your sunglasses will last a long time.




We are free spirits and that is our most important quality. We are in love with life and we want to make the most of every second, as if that were the last. We flee from the established norms, we do not conform and we jump headlong into new experiences.

The Indian Face® is a brand of optics and accessories for free spirits and charged with adrenaline. Products for men, women and children. It was created in 2007 and is currently sold in more than 30 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania. No rules, no limits, just HIGH ADRENALINE!.



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