Laguna Bi-Magenta / Black

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Sunglasses Hanukeii® They are created by and for current, free and passionate women. Vanguard, harmony and freedom #BAREFOOTLIFE

  • Features Glasses Polarhoisted Hanukeii

    • Fresh and current frame for avant-garde women
    • TAC lenses PolarHigh Definition hoists
    • CAT.3 protection - UV400
    • Frame made of maximum lightness polycarbonate.
    • Microfiber case included with which you can store your glasses and also clean the lenses
  • Style, beauty, naturalness, aesthetics, modernity, avant-garde ... The women of the XNUMXst century are strong and confident. Being a woman is synonymous with being brave. Being a successful woman is synonymous with having fought through thick and thin. Being a woman is neither better nor worse than being a man, it is simply something different that is also wonderful and special. It is the perfect complement to the robustness of the universe: harmony, sensitivity, touch, detail, simplicity and complexity at the same time.

    En Hanukeii we are aligned with the needs of today's woman. We create products for women of today who know what they want and how they want it and also, we give them a point of life and fun.

    We like to live calmly and above all, we like to enjoy life in peace. #barefootlife

  • These sunglasses have been made with lenses polarHoists capable of effectively blocking direct sunlight and also the glare and reflections produced by their bouncing off smooth surfaces such as road pavement, sea water, etc. Thus achieving a much smoother and more comfortable vision in addition to reproducing a more natural color and contrast.

    They have protection UV400 in category 3, making it the perfect choice for practicing water and winter sports, as well as being perfect for daily use and suitable for driving

    Lenses High Definition FULL HD TAC They are made of materials that provide high contrast and sharpness.

Sunglasses for women polarLaguna model hoists


Laguna Beach has definitely been the spot that has inspired us to create our Laguna sunglasses collection. What we find most special about this small coastal town are its caves, its beaches and its coves, each with a unique personality and energy.

En Hanukeii We have a passion for the beaches, for walking barefoot on the sand, for feeling that the time that fits in the course of a walk along the seashore is eternal. We also have a passion for fashion and we seek to transmit and spread our essence.

Our Laguna collection is strongly influenced by three beaches that we encountered while crossing Laguna Beach from north to south. On the one hand, the landscape, the color of the water and the sand of Treasure Island Beach, where we felt that we were in the perfect place to give a yoga class early in the morning, take photos and rest on the sand being aware of the views that surrounded us. The tan, almost black tone of the 1000 Steps Beach sand and the number of small lagoons and furrows that we find between the secret corners of this beach, have given color to one of our Laguna models. It was at Rockpile Beach that we felt we were touching paradise. This rocky area, full of palm trees and vegetation is still a mystery to the crowd, as we were lucky to find no one during our stay there, and we felt that the beach was for us and we for her.

We had the opportunity to observe the bathers and locals who attended those Laguna Beach days, we let ourselves be carried away by the style and aura of confidence of the Californians and we decided that we were not going to pigeonhole our models into a single style; Our sunglasses are halfway between the retro style and the cate eye finish, both are a trend this year and of course, a must have for anyone who wants to step on Laguna Beach.




When there is fun there are no worries. Hanukeii it is more than just a word, it is a lifestyle, a feeling, a way of being. We are a generation of girls who understand the importance of leaving concerns behind and living the moment wide awake ... We understand how beneficial it is to take off your shoes, walk barefoot and forget your worries to immerse ourselves in the great adventures that life has to offer, showing off beautiful and fashionable at all times.

No limits allowed when you live a #BAREFOOTLIFE.



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