Dropshipping Clothes and complements The Indian Face

Dropshipping The Indian Face

You have an online store and you want to sell our products in format Dropshipping?

If so, be sure to ask us for more information about our system dropshipping. Currently, many stores already sell our products using this system.

Dropshipping Clothes and complements

Operational Dropshipping

- It allows you to focus on sales, above "logistics operations" and allocate the financial resources you have to marketing and promotion actions.

- The economic risk is reduced, as it is not necessary to invest in a storage, distribution or shipping infrastructure, nor in the prior purchase of products. You worry about selling, and we about everything else.

- You have a wide and updated product catalog at all times, since we put at your disposal a system that automates the update of our catalog.

- We put a data feed in CSV or XML at your disposal so that you always have our catalog updated with all products and stock available

- We deliver to your customers in just 24 hours from when you send us the order

Dropshipping Clothes and complements

If you want to receive more information about our system Dropshipping, you just have to ask us for more information by contacting us through this form: