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We were born to be free and this is how we like to live. Our life is ours, nobody else's. Love it as much as you can, enjoy it.


Sport is for us a form of expression of freedom. Sports makes you feel free, Adrenaline makes you feel alive


A special collection of Sunglasses created by our Woman Surf Team

Smile that life is wonderful !!

Sometimes it lasts, but always beautiful and incredible. Enjoy the adventure of living.

Squeeze every moment of your life

Leave a mark on you, so that your life does not go unnoticed. Enjoy, be free !!


The Indian Face it is the materialized expression of freedom. Of ambition and the desire to excel. The Indian Face it is sport, nature and adrenaline.

The Indian Face was born more than 15 years ago and has grown adapting to new trends and emerging needs of athletes, carefully and lovingly designing products with the highest quality to make sports practice a safe exercise.

From the brand we strive to serve the consumer globally, offering a range of products that ensure visual and dermal health against the effects of the sun. In parallel, we approach fashion by designing a wide variety of models in each range of products we offer, thus allowing each consumer to choose the one that best suits their taste, always with the best quality-price.


Living is wonderful, we love everything that Mother Nature gives us and gives us every day of our lives. The world is full of amazing places that you have to explore and enjoy.

100% SPORTS LOVERS: Sport, action, adventure, friends ... everything helps you find harmony with yourself and feel more alive and energetic.

En The Indian Face We have an increasingly extensive community of elite and amateur athletes, adventurers and free spirits who identify with us and with our philosophy, and who also firmly trust our products and feel comfortable and safe when they wear them.

En The Indian FaceAlso We distribute our products to more than 30 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania. Thanks to the facilities that digitization and new communications give us, we have the ability to cover countries that are far away. Social networks are one of the means through which our products are made known in other continents and cultures, and the versatility, freedom and wide range of options that we offer and that characterize our brand, are the cause of that consumers from all over the planet come to The Indian Face to equip and enjoy our products.


We are free spirits and that is our most important quality. We are in love with life and we want to make the most of every second, as if it were the last. We flee from the established norms, we do not conform and we jump headlong into new experiences.

The range of products we offer in The Indian Face it is very varied, which is why it covers various market segments. In our online store we have sunglasses, where you can find glasses for women and men. In The Indian Face We also accommodate caps, as we offer caps in different colors and shapes for both women and men.


The caps, another of the trend accessories of the season, are also available from The Indian Face.

This year's trendy caps come in various shades and shapes. We are known for designing mesh caps with a drawing or logo on the front. The types of caps we offer range from custom caps to sports caps. All of them are presented in various colors, keeping, yes, always faithful to the pioneers of the market; to baseball caps also called baseball caps.

Baseball caps are born as a result of the members of a baseball team deciding to incorporate an extra accessory into their clothing: a wool cap. This occurs in the mid-nineteenth century, when baseball caps became the new fashion accessory. Over the years, changes have been applied to the fabric and shape of these caps, always keeping their popularity intact, they have reached our days, already The Indian Face.

Sports caps represent different sports that we consider ourselves passionate about, and we hope that our potential consumers will too.

On the other hand, in our collection package you can also find trucker caps. Our sports caps can be customized, since each consumer can choose between all the sport they practice and the background color they want to wear in their personalized cap.

We have a special fondness for the trucker cap due to the history that accompanies it. This accessory was born as an advertising motif in the 60s, and truckers from meat and farm companies began to wear caps promoting their brand. The trend of wearing a custom cap, with a logo on the front, crossed the line of advertising and business, and began to be worn as a fashion accessory. The boom in trucker caps has not waned since the beginning of the XNUMXst century and remains an endless fashion accessory.


We compete with the leading sunglasses brands in the Spanish market, we have modern sunglasses that follow the trends of each season. We adapt to current tastes, thus having sunglasses in round or square shapes, as well as more classic and timeless models. Whatever the time of year in The Indian Face We take care that you find the fashionable sunglasses when you access our website.

From the firm we also offer sunglasses polarhoisted, that they bring you. greater visual and ocular smoothness. On The Indian Face We offer great optical products because we have been contributing our dedication and effort for many years to produce sunglasses within the reach of anyone and ensure the loyalty and trust of our consumers.

In general, in The Indian Face We try to design unisex products, which suit both women and men. However, it is true that there are models that can be more adjusted to a women's sunglasses, since they have more elongated shapes, of "cate ye", or models with a rounded structure and not too large in size. For its part, there are also other models that can function as men's sunglasses, with larger, square shapes and more sober colors.

Times have changed and tastes have changed. Today there are no longer women's sunglasses exclusively for women, and in the same way, we can see the supposed sunglasses for men on the eyes of women. The variety of models, preferences and styles allow us to offer all our products to whoever wants to wear them, and we encourage both men and women to get out of their comfort zone and wear the glasses they want, regardless of stereotypes, which are precisely to be put aside.