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    143 items


    The value for money in The Indian Face

    The Indian Face is a brand that hears the call of nature and follows the sound of adventure. We are free spirits and that is our most important quality. 

    We design accessories designed to accompany you in the sport you practice and we want to make them your allies in every experience you live. Our goal when distributing each product is that anyone passionate about sport and freedom can purchase it.

    The designs we make in The Indian Face They have an excellent quality, which is accompanied by a price in line. Our goal is to ensure that our items go to market equipped with the high performance that we have proposed, and that they also meet the needs and tastes of our customers.

    The next step, after designing and producing each item, is to communicate its availability in our online store. We do it through an online outlet that we have created so that all Indian Spirits are aware that they can obtain it. Here the consumer can find products of this season and others, with discounts and rebates applied.

    Another facility that we offer to our consumer is that we have a section in our brand where we make offers of the day on many of our products; This means that we select some of our products and, for 24 days, we promote them and apply an offer to them. It is important to note that these types of offers are only valid for 24 hours.

    In order to purchase our products, we normally offer a discount coupon whose code appears at the top of our website. When the purchase is to be made, this discount code is entered before making the payment and the offer is made immediately. The discounts we offer are sometimes applied to a specific product, whose price appears reduced, and at other times we apply an offer on the second unit that the customer purchases.

    The products of the outlet, as we have already mentioned, are in a section called flash sale, or flash offers, and the consumer can find sunglasses, caps, sports glasses, ski glasses and watches.

    When selecting items, we take into account choosing seasonal products. We want the products to be especially attractive to the consumer so that, when we add them to the online outlet, our athletes find an interesting and appealing offer that they can take advantage of and enjoy.

    Another point in favor of making a flash comes out in de The Indian Face, is that we like to deliver our products in a fast and efficient way, so that, in addition to having taken advantage of a product of very good quality and on offer, the client will not have to wait more than 24 hours to receive their product. In addition, if the consumer makes a purchase of more than 35 euros, either through the online outlet or the main page, the shipping costs are not charged.

    To make purchases oriented towards offers and price optimization, another very interesting tool that we make available to the consumer and that will be useful to keep up to date with the availability of articles on the web, products with discounts in the outlet or news and new collections, is the weekly Newsletter of The Indian Face, which gives the option of subscription by accessing the web.

    We encourage anyone who is a lover of nature, outdoor sports and useful and quality fashion, to take advantage of all the options we offer, either through our outlet, discount codes, or through our private sale portals.

    Products and seasons

    En The Indian Face We offer a wide variety of products, all aimed at making your sports practice more efficient and promoting your safety while training.

    On the one hand, we find sports caps, products that have been a trend in recent seasons and that are increasingly consolidated as modern accessories and that provide dynamism to those who wear them. Caps are now worn all year round, regardless of whether it is summer or winter. This is for aesthetic reasons and to increase safety against the sun that, in Spain, shines almost every day of the year. However, if it is true that in summer its use increases since the sun's rays reach us with more force and we are more exposed, both to its benefits and its drawbacks. For this reason, during the summer months we present sales more focused on this type of products, since we know that they are a priority for consumers.

    On the other hand, our brand also has a fairly complete catalog of sunglasses. Our goal in this product category is to always comply with very high quality and performance standards, since we know that the safety of others is partly in our hands and we want to ensure that everyone who purchases sunglasses from The Indian Face, be protected at all times.

    This accessory has also become timeless and it does not have to be summer to wear it, but we, in addition to having continuous offers available in our outlet, launched, during the summer sales and winter sales period, promotional campaigns for our glasses, to which we apply special discounts, so that consumers can enjoy the summer sun on the beach and the winter sun on the mountain in complete safety.

    The following product that can be found in The Indian Face, and that we are proud to offer, is our range of sports sunglasses. This product category has very complete features and a quality that rivals the best on the market. Our products are tested and approved, as well as by an excellent technical team that is in charge of designing and creating the items, paying exquisite attention to every detail, by an elite sports team of athletes, runners, surfers ... who help us to improve now. perfect each product. Sports sunglasses are very attractive items in themselves, but their charm becomes even more tangible if a discount coupon is applied to them or they appear among the products with offers of the day, since the price of this range is linked to the security they provide and the features they have. To buy a pair of sports glasses it is not necessary to wonder when the sales start, because in The Indian Face We try to ensure that there are always items of these characteristics to which some type of discount coupon can be applied. It is true that during the summer and winter sales period we place more emphasis on promoting sports glasses since we understand that it is in these seasons when sports practice increases, and therefore, the purchase of sports equipment.

    Something similar happens with ski goggles. It is another of our Premium products and is designed by and for athletes, so they have exceptional quality and benefits that exceed market standards. In addition, we pay special attention to the design and aesthetics of each model. They are products that bring sobriety and elegance to the consumer, they are large but minimalist and neutral colors predominate so that they can be easily combined with ski equipment. In addition to offering ski and snow goggles in our online outlet and in our private sale portals, during the winter sales period we increase our product offer and give them the option of applying discount codes.

    Ultimately, The Indian Face also offers a range of watches. These products are also completely timeless, so their offers are not adapted to the summer or winter sales, but rather we apply discounts on our flash sale from time to time.

    As can be seen, in The Indian Face We are excited that anyone can buy our products at an affordable cost, and we do everything possible to make this possible.